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WARNING: Cochins (and chickens in general) are Extremely Addictive!!!! Proceed with caution :)

The Cochin Coop is dedicated to the improvement 

of the poultry hobby and the Bantam Cochin 

Breed, is a member of Cochins International, and 

the NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Plan) 

flock number 31-386. My focus is to breed 

exhibition quality birds with great personalities. 

Varieties raised are Blue Mottled, Mottled, and 


Feefree to check out my Cochin Photo Gallery

Older Cochin Photo Gallery and Awards Page.

I have created a nice guide to preparing birds for 

show. If you have any questions about these 

wonderful birds please feel free to ask. I will be 

happy to answer any questions that you 

may have. I can be reached by email at 

theco[email protected]

2012 Ohio National Champion AOV Bantam Cochin Blue Mottled Hen 


2014 Ohio National BV Blue Pullet

Splash Bantam Cochin Cock

Thanks for looking!

                                         Links and Resources:

Cochins International http://cochinsinternational.cochinsrule.com/

American Bantam Association http://www.bantamclub.com/

Pekin Bantams http://pekinbantams.com/

Chicken Care http://www.mypetchicken.com/ebook.aspx

Backyard Chickens http://www.backyardchickens.com/

Chick growth day-by-day http://www.kippengrabbelton.be/kuiken/ekuiken.htm

Embryo Growth Photos very good


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